Underground Confidence Recovery

Take Back Control! - Break The Binge

January 26, 2022 Shelley Treacher Overeating, Anxiety, & Loneliness Season 3 Episode 1
Underground Confidence Recovery
Take Back Control! - Break The Binge
Show Notes

Today, I share with you what it takes to regain control over any compulsion, without harsh dieting or 'all or nothing' thinking.

As we enter what is traditionally known in the UK as the most depressing week of the year, I offer you an alternative to the new year 'fresh start' mentality. Today's podcast is intended to help you with accountability, but with compassion. 

As many of you know, I run programmes for comfort eating recovery. Here are the basics of what I cover in the programmes. These are the things I see that people need to be open to, in order to take the control back.

Want to go further?

Comfort Eating Recovery Programme syllabus:
 For 75 minutes each week.
Latest programme details here

  • Session 1  – Understand Emotional Eating
  • Session 2  – Change Thoughts & Habits
  • Session 3  – Explore Your History & Self-Confidence
  • Session 4  – Learn Self-Soothing
  • Session 5  – Manage Feelings
  • Session 6  – Improve Body Esteem & Find Support

For more support:
: shelley_treacher@hotmail.com
Website Info: Services and Group Programmes
BlogFree quick tips and quiz: Are you a comfort eater?
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