Underground Confidence Recovery

The Truth about Covid-19 Social Anxiety

October 20, 2021 Shelley Treacher Overeating, Anxiety, & Loneliness Season 2 Episode 27
Underground Confidence Recovery
The Truth about Covid-19 Social Anxiety
Show Notes

We’ve been challenged like never before in being alone or with the same people every day. But, we need other people, to feel OK in everyday life, and to heal.

During Covid-19, we may have become very self-reliant, and we may have shut down to some extent, at the same time as craving good contact and connection.

It would be natural to be struggling and awkward with social contact now. It’s possible that some of us have developed social anxiety after being isolated from others for so long. As such, we may have a natural inclination to stay indoors.

In this podcast, I'll talk about how you can understand this, and start to recover.

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This week, my citations are from my own media mentions. Here are some Covid-19 related published articles, where I have been asked to contribute:

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