Underground Confidence Recovery

75. Four Ways To Relieve STRESS AT BEDTIME - Part 2

March 08, 2023 Shelley Treacher Underground Confidence Recovery Season 4 Episode 8
Underground Confidence Recovery
75. Four Ways To Relieve STRESS AT BEDTIME - Part 2
Show Notes

Have you ever noticed that when you comfort eat, you do it really fast?
Maybe you also get stuck on your phone when you should be sleeping?
Here are four more ways to calm your nervous system down, and disrupt cravings. Practising these will develop your ability to change the course of your cravings and compulsions, organically.

In this podcast

  • The power of the pause
  • Slowing down your speech
  • Yawning
  • A soothing bedtime story 'How The Whale Got His Throat' - Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling

Next week, I'll give you more ways to de-stress.

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