Underground Confidence Recovery

65. A Calming Christmas Bedtime Story

December 13, 2022 Shelley Treacher Underground Confidence Season 3 Episode 15
Underground Confidence Recovery
65. A Calming Christmas Bedtime Story
Show Notes

Sleep is something that's important to get control of. It can affect everything we are, feel and do. I've been told I have a calming voice. So, here I read this beautiful little tale to lull you into a warm, happy sleep. In the first part of this podcast, I talk about the importance of good sleep when combatting comfort eating.

'The Night Before Christmas' - Read by Shelley Treacher
If you just want a brief nudge into relaxation, without the talk, the story starts around 7 minutes into the podcast.

This is the first of two Christmas stories. Tune in next week for the second.

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