Underground Confidence Recovery

"I don't feel good enough" - Imposter Syndrome & Comfort Eating

March 02, 2022 Shelley Treacher Underground Confidence Season 3 Episode 5
Underground Confidence Recovery
"I don't feel good enough" - Imposter Syndrome & Comfort Eating
Show Notes

Feeling like you'll be found out is common  ground for people who comfort eat.

Many of us imagine others to be better than us,  think others have a perfect life, and feel we are frauds waiting to be discovered. But the reality is that most of us feel inadequate. Most of us think that someone else could do better. It's this feeling that can lead to comfort eating or addiction.

Here, I talk about how this comes from a belief about not being good enough, whether from your past or from society.  I encourage you to be realistic about your limitations and strengths, and to let others be impressed by you.

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